All unlimited plans with speed upto.
Wi-Fi router is not included.
Connection & plans availabilities are subject to our network feasibility & availability.
Contention ratio for scheme are set as 1:50 for home user and for business user 1:30 as per guideline set by TRAI & DOT.
Company reserves the right to withdraw/Suspend/Modify & Alter /Cancel/Change the tariff plan pack with any prior notice or information.
Please read carefully data usages and transfer calculation in every FUP Planes.
Bandwidth speed indicated is the speed up to ISP node.
Data transfer limit cannot be carried forward to next billing cycle.
Unlimited stands for unlimited with differential speed.
Maximum  download speed in 1mbps is (128kbps) kilo bytes per second max.
All plan charges will be charged in advance.
Speed and Data usage limit subject to company Fair Usage Policy.
Depends on server from where files are being downloded
All broadband plans are prepaid i.e. payment has to be made before using the broadband service
All speeds mentioned are in megabits per second and kilobits per second.
Uploaded and downloaded data both contribute towards the fup limit
If You are using the service provided by our company then it will be assume that you have gone through all the T&C of the company & you have accept all the T&C of the Company, failing which the user will be held responsible for not going through the T&C provided by the company.
Arp Infonet (P) Ltd. reserve the right to revise the price anytime without prior notice
All the service related to internet are provided On behalf of Arp Infonet (P) Ltd., Lucknow (Class-B ISP).
Term & Conditions
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